Turn Off the Lights and Do a Lap Around the Planet to Fight Climate Change 

Seventeen years ago, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) proposed in Sydney (Australia) to turn off the lights of monuments and buildings for one hour as a symbolic gesture protesting against climate change.  

The drive has been gaining momentum ever since, and there are now millions of people in 190 countries who switch off the lights every last Saturday in March.  

It is considered the world’s most widely disseminated and important environmental awareness campaign, calling for reflection about the need to take decisive action on climate change and to counteract its impact on nature and the planet

The campaign promotes energy savings, the reduction of pollutant emissions and the reduction of light pollution. 

Together for Our Earth 

Earth Hour was created as a way to bring the world together to support people and the planet. To achieve peace and harmony between humans and nature, according to the WWF. 

That’s why our Ecocentric movement is joining in to turn off the lights this March 25th from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm and the challenge to take a lap around the planet!  

This initiative is based on adding up miles (running, walking, swimming, biking or rollerblading) for a combined total of 24,901 miles. This is an action that uses the values of sport such as effort and teamwork to demonstrate that by adding up small gestures we can win the most important race of our lives, namely overcoming the climate crisis.   

Many of our employees already have their bibs in order to add up the miles!  

Because time is running out and our planet needs us. The next 7 years are crucial to stay within planetary boundaries and below the 1.5°C climate threshold; otherwise, we will move into a state of irreversible environmental degradation and suffer very serious climate change impacts. 

Will you join us for Earth Hour?  

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