There’s still time to join the challenge “One Person. One tree”

For those of you who haven’t joined the challenge yet, we encourage you to do so. We announced our commitment by activating the campaign “one person, one tree” in the framework of the “We Are Ecocentric” movement, where we encourage society to plant one tree per person. We have promised to plant 14,000 trees in the next year.

Remember that we just have one Planet Earth, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of it. With your participation, your action of planting a single tree, we can make big changes.

Working together, we’ll achieve big results.

With this action, we’ll identify each of the destinations where we operate that have suffered environmental damage to help them recover through reforestation with native species. Additionally, we’ll increase the surface area of woodlands and, therefore, the potential for absorbing carbon dioxide.

In the words of Isabel Piñero, Grupo Piñero’s CSO Chief Sustainability Officer, “we know that big achievements are the result of small individual actions. Therefore, one of the key lines of action for our sustainability plan is, undoubtedly, raising awareness about environmental issues with our stakeholders”. In this regard, Isabel Piñero adds, “One person, one tree” is a clear example of just that. Of our firm, sincere commitment to promoting joint actions that have a real, positive impact on the planet”.

If you still aren’t sure, we’d like to share the benefits of planting a tree with you.

Get inspired, and inspire your friends and family!

Remember that you can share on our social media, both Facebook and Instagram, by tagging our movement @SomosEcoistas and/or using the hashtag #OnePersonOneTreetag #UnaPersonaUnArbol

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