Our ecocentrism is frightful! Here are the keys to celebrating a Halloween that’s both fun and sustainable

We’re gearing up to celebrate one of the most terrifying holidays of the year, and it’s an excellent opportunity to keep in mind some tips that will help us take care of the planet while we have fun.

Careful with evil candy

A great option to prevent an excess of sugar is substituting candy for healthy, home-made foods that are decorated for Halloween. There are endless tutorials online to choose from. If you don’t have time and want to let sugar possess their souls, buy candy in shops that sell them by the piece or by weight.

Terrifying costumes

Dressing up doesn’t have to be an issue at Halloween. It’s actually one of the holidays where you can most easily reuse costumes or even make them from old clothes, to become the most terrifying zombie in town. Make-up is another alternative that can save you from buying masks that will just end up sitting in a drawer forever.

Zombie decorations, immortal spider webs

If you’re planning on buying pumpkins to decorate, do so from local farmers and choose an edible variety, then you can enjoy a delicious, healthy soup after the glut of sweets.

Reuse decorations from past years, and remember you don’t have to dust them for spider webs – they’ll be even more terrifying that way!

The terror of single-use plastics

It’s time to put your creativity to the test and eliminate plastics that can’t be reused from your decorations, costumes and parties. Paper, cardboard and fabric are your friends in this fight. 

Fear grows in the shadows

Take advantage of the holiday to save energy, reduce your electricity bill and increase fear. Low lighting, adjustable LEDs and ecological candles are the best choices for creating a chilling atmosphere.

We hope you have a happy Halloween and surprise the ghosts by being terribly ecocentric.

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