In our case, reforesting is a way of demonstrating forward motion

We continue with our “One Person. One Tree” challenge, planting 410 mara (Swietenia – the wood of these trees is known as mahogany) and bamboo trees in the province of La Altagracia in the Dominican Republic.

Specifically, during the Book Fair in the town of San Rafael de Yuma, 65 Grupo Piñero colleagues from the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts and Bahia Principe Residences divisions collaborated with the La Altagracia Provincial Directorate of the Environment and Natural Resources. This partnership with the local community also involved the participation of 50 students from the San Rafael de Yuma Secondary School.

First, the youths planted 80 trees in the sports grounds of their high school. They also discussed the importance of planting trees for soil health, water production and other benefits, since in this case the trees will provide shade for their recreational and sports activities.

Afterwards, all the participants of the Ecocentric Movement moved to the banks of the Yuma River near the centre of the town to plant some 330 more trees.

The following video of the day out shows that this ecocentric action not only creates strong bonds with nature, but also among all those who collaborated in this reforestation.

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