We will hold the first edition of the “Most Ecocentric” Awards 2023

We love to share our ecocentrism and that is why we have created awards to recognize the ecocentrism of our suppliers and partners. In this spirit, we are organizing a ceremony to celebrate the first edition of the “Most Ecocentric” Awards 2023. The event will take place at the International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR) in Madrid on Thursday, January 19, at 1:30 pm.

The gala will be emceed by Sandra Gallego, founding partner of Ethic magazine and EthicLab, her creative agency, which advises clients on the development and communication of sustainability policies. She will be accompanied by our Chief Sustainability Officer, Isabel Piñero, who will present the awards to companies in the tourism sector that are committed to combating climate change. Humane companies, aware that our planet belongs to us and that, therefore, decide to make commitments to generate a positive impact, both on people and on the planet.

The winners will receive a very special award, a creation by Cristina Almodóvar, an artist and sculptor from Madrid. The award, inspired by nature, consists of small leaf-shaped sculptures made from heat-molded soda bottles and painted white. In it, the artist seeks the beauty of natural forms, in their twisting and delicate subtlety. Because for Almodóvar, “the deciduous leaf, in its simplicity and fragility, is the emblem of the eternal and perfect recycling of the natural cycle of life. This is an example that should be present as a model for human cycles.”

We invite you to follow us next week and find out who have been the most ecocentric friendly companies of 2023.

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