Are you already preparing your summer holidays? What a desire for a few days of disconnection and relaxation!! But do not forget that during these days we can also, and must, put into practice our environmental commitment to continue contributing to the health of the planet. A task that begins at the same moment we pack our suitcase. Preparing a sustainable luggage, although it may seem complicated, is super-simple. It is enough to continue practicing our already developed environmental awareness.

The less paper, the better.

Tickets, boarding passes, maps, travel guides… Thanks to technology and digitalization, it is no longer necessary to pack this type of documentation in your suitcase.

We can avoid being burdened with paper because, fortunately, check-in can be done online, tickets can be carried in our digital wallet, and there are plenty of travel applications that we can consult on our electronic devices.

Consuming less paper is, in addition to being much more convenient, an easy and simple way to take care of our planet.

Recycled suitcases and backpacks.

More and more companies are using recycled or environmentally friendly materials to manufacture products. There are many manufacturers of suitcases and backpacks that manufacture their products based on sustainable criteria, so when deciding to buy one, always opt for those that are as sustainable as possible and have certificates that support it.

Also, if you are one of those who protect your suitcase before checking it in, avoid using plastic. There is a wide variety of fabric liners or covers that, in addition to being reusable and washable, protect your luggage just as well as plastic and pollute much less.

Forget the “just in cases”.

We must admit that on most trips we pack things in our suitcases that we never end up using. It’s time we banished the “just in cases”. We just need to take a few minutes to think about where we are going and what kind of trip we are going to make in order to pack only what we are really going to need.

With this simple exercise, in addition to saving space and carrying less weight, even if we are not fully aware of it, we are also more respectful of the environment. By doing so, we avoid unnecessary consumption, favoring conscious and responsible consumption.

A responsible toiletry bag.

Personal hygiene products such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and gel, among others, which usually come in plastic containers, are a must in your suitcase. In these cases, a good alternative is to opt for solid products, in tablet or bar form, for example, for shampoo and soaps or even toothpaste. Also, choose toothbrushes made of bamboo, wooden combs or natural sponges. This way, you will have a Zero Waste toiletry bag.

Another product that you can’t forget to include in your toiletry bag is sunscreen. Of all the selection of products you find on the shelves, get one that is biodegradable or reef friendly.

The essential reusables.

Another must-have in an ecocentric suitcase are reusable cloth bags. They are a great help for storing dirty clothes, as well as for keeping souvenirs or details that you have bought for your loved ones during the trip. Thanks to them, you will avoid the use of plastic bags and contribute to reducing their impact on the planet.

Similarly, always carry a bottle made of stainless steel or some other resistant and reusable material with you to refill it at airport fountains, train stations, etc. This will reduce the consumption of plastic bottles, but if you have to use them, remember to dispose of them in the appropriate containers and collection points so that they can be recycled.

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