Our challenge to plant one tree per person moves forward

Just a year ago we set ourselves a challenge, to plant 14,000 trees. We knew it was a big challenge, but the “We Are Ecocentric” Movement loves a challenge. In sum, in all the destinations where Grupo Piñero operates, the data indicate that we have planted almost 6,000 trees.

Yes, it is true that we have not reached our target in one year. But our goal remains intact. As they say: “You can go slowly, the important thing is never to stop.”

We remind you of the rules of our challenge and we hope that you will also join us.

Almost 1,000 trees in one day

For our part, Grupo Piñero’s employees have worked as a team in all the destinations where we operate, with the aim of continuing to improve the green areas around us. These actions are what make us a point of reference in sustainability, but above all they connect us with our Planet.

We are very proud of the contribution we are making to the environment!

Shall we continue our ecocentrism together?

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