Find out how far the ecocentrism of our colleagues goes

Our movement wishes to attract all those who are so ecocentric as to take care of their beaches, their forests, their energy, their environment… But we could not invite them to follow us if we were not an example of it in our work procedures as well as in our personal lives.

On this occasion, we had the opportunity to talk with three of our colleagues from Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts and they explained to us how they practice their ecocentrism.

Ángel Lillo, Head of Planning and Strategy, said that in his work routine he pays attention to all aspects related to efficiency and the proper use of energy.

For her part, Product Director Laura Mediana commented that her department has been committed for some time to 360º digitalization, which generates, for example, a great deal of paper savings.

And in his role as Operation Support Director, Adolfo Fernández pays special attention to everything related to the circular economy and prioritizing the use of “zero mileage” products.

We invite you to see how they explain their ecocentrism. And you… Are you ecocentric? We encourage you to tell us in what ways.

Watch video Ecocentric at Grupo Piñero

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