We’re Celebrating Earth Hour! 

Earth Hour invites us to turn off the lights to reduce our impact on climate change. As you know, this campaign proposes turning off the lights for 60 minutes as a display of our commitment to the planet.

Since we’re good Ecocentrics and committed to the planet, this Saturday 26 March we’ve marked the day by switching off the lights and moving for the planet.

“Earth Hour” is a movement promoted by the WWF that aims to raise citizens’ awareness of the issue of climate change and humans’ responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Earth Hour started in 2007 as a symbolic gesture to raise awareness of the issue of climate change. A gesture as simple as turning off the lights for an hour has grown and become a worldwide movement for the planet.

Grupo Piñero assumes its responsibility as an influential group in the tourism sector and once again has joined the movement this year with actions in all of its business units. 

As we do each year, we’ve joined in by switching off our lights for an hour, from 20:30 to 21:30, and as a new action we’ve implemented the WWF initiative of adding kilometres for the planet, setting the goal of contributing 600 km through the participation of collaborators at all our destinations. 

Thanks for your participation, ecocentrics! 

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