Health and Well-being: A Priority for Everyone

It has been 75 years since the first World Health Assembly had the brilliant idea of establishing a special day to commemorate the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO). This was declared World Health Day.

Since then, countries from all over the world have been meeting year after year to promote health initiatives, propose actions to generate safer environments and promote plans that prioritize a state of well-being worldwide. This year, in particular, they are working on the theme ‘‘’Health for All’’, with a view to prioritizing and strengthening health systems in all parts of the world.

Health from a 360º View

As you know, health is an integral issue encompassing the physical, mental and spiritual. For this reason, at Grupo Piñero it is our firm commitment to promote continuous improvement in our management, supporting health and safety initiatives that guarantee healthier environments for our employees and suppliers through our occupational risk prevention plan.

Together we can have a greater impact, so we leverage our efforts to foster a culture of well-being, promoting healthy habits -from the inside out- with talks on nutrition, promoting preventive medicine, physical exercise and work-life balance.

It is clear to us that health is for everyone, but we also believe that it is in everything that surrounds us. Therefore, through our “We Are Ecocentric” movement we invite you to join us in deciding to make your move and be more sustainable and responsible when it comes to your health.

Give it a go and practice new habits!

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